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Putting an end to data chaos and bureaucratic silos

Our technology uses natural language models to return context-specific results, delivering exactly the information you’re looking for. From identifying the age of a building’s roof from permits, analytics, and airborne imagery to tracking tank movements from social media posts, news articles, and satellite imagery, you’ll build an understanding of what is happening on the ground without having to negotiate your own data contracts.

What makes us different

Learn everything there is to know about any point on Earth from any source.

Machine learning querying makes everybody an expert

Contextual results intelligently link related images, reports, analysis etc.

Accessible on the web or deployable inside your organizational firewalls

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Unleash your data

Revolutionizing federal and commercial industries

Defense & Intelligence

We give defense and intelligence organizations the power to access the data they need without making special requests to geospatial analysts or partners. We empower novice end users to search with the skill of experts with decades of experience and share data with allies and partners.

Property & Insurtech

Our technology can benefit realtors, insurers, developers, and investors looking to market or understand a property. Users can pose simple questions and understand properties, neighborhoods, cities, and counties.


Enabling companies with large amounts of internal data sets to more easily search and make sense of the data they have, along with discovering what content lives in the outside world to better help them answer questions. 

Working with the best

“Danti’s cutting-edge technology received the top prize for its ability to enable non-expert users with no geospatial background to quickly prioritize, analyze, and organize information into action.”

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