We turn questions about places into answers

What we believe

Discovering and working with location-based data should be easy

We keep things simple.

A query-focused approach: If you can think it, you can search it.

A single search accesses all the data you need, whether it’s already in your database or out there waiting to be found.

We put your organization’s needs at the forefront of every implementation.

This isn’t one tool to rule them all. Danti can be your comprehensive search solution or used to support an existing user behind the scenes.

Analytic models shouldn’t be locked to vendor data–we give you the option of using whichever supports your work.

Why We Build

You deserve frictionless data search.

The advent of the Internet made content available to users as quickly as it’s generated. Once more, we are at a similar junction: Exponentially increasing amounts of Earth data is collected everyday, with only complex, primitive tools available to organize it and make it accessible. Our search engine is changing that. Learn everything there is to know about any point on Earth, instantly.