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Danti Secures $1.2 Million Contract from AFWERX to Empower U.S. Space Force with AI-Powered Data Search Capabilities

Humba Ventures, Deep Tech Fund of Leading Early Stage Venture Capital Firm Susa Ventures Invests in Danti 

ATLANTA, October 18, 2023 Danti, the pioneer in helping users find relevant information about physical places on our planet, announced that it has been awarded a $1.2 million Direct-to-Phase II contract by AFWERX. Danti will support the U.S. Space Force with AI-powered search capabilities while also expanding on its work with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). 

Earlier this year, Danti won the gSEARCH Challenge (geoSpatial Environment for Access, Retrieval & Content Hosting) sponsored by NSIN (National Security Innovation Network) and NGA, to deliver increased decision superiority to warfighters with rapid access to vast amounts of imagery and geospatial data at a scale ahead of any adversary. Danti’s winning work has since expanded to include search technology with unclassified data systems and multiple Department of Defense partners, including the Army, Space Force, and other branches.

“We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with the U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities,” said Jesse Kallman, CEO and Founder of Danti. “Danti’s cutting-edge natural language and AI-powered search capabilities will enable Guardians and Airman to easily search and discover imagery, analytics, reports, news, social media and many other diverse data types across NGA, Space Force, and commercial data partner repositories. With a simple, intuitive interface, Danti empowers expert and non expert users to find the precise information they need to support quick and effective decision-making.”

Danti also announced that Humba Ventures, a deep tech fund run by one of the country’s leading early stage venture capital firms, Susa Ventures, has made an investment in the business. “We are thrilled to partner with the Danti team on its mission to make searching for and discovering the right data on Earth as easy as searching the internet itself,” said Leo Polovets, General Partner at Susa Ventures and Humba Ventures. “We think this is a big and important problem and that Danti is exactly the right team to solve it.”

Along with the innovative work Danti is doing to strengthen the national defense of the United States of America, their platform is perfectly suited for commercial partners in the property, insurance, and large scale infrastructure space.

About Danti

Danti is the first Earth data search engine to enable expert and non-expert users to pose simple questions about physical places on our planet to access the breadth of information generated daily by satellites, drones, analytics firms, social media, and more. By incorporating the latest AI tools and decades of experience in different data types, Danti provides highly relevant information instantly. The team brings together expertise from government, enterprise data systems, and leaders from across the earth observation market. For more information, visit


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About Humba Ventures

Humba Ventures is the deep tech arm of Susa Ventures, an early stage technology fund that has backed over a dozen $500m+ companies from their earliest stages. Humba Ventures invests in early stage companies focused on critical national sectors like defense, manufacturing, and energy. For more information about Humba Ventures, please visit:

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