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Danti Celebrates First Anniversary

A year ago today, Martice and I went all in on Danti.  

We were sure that we wanted to make it simple to build an understanding of the physical places and areas around the planet – as simple as typing into ChatGPT or Google. We wanted to bring all the content being generated across the world to the fingertips of both expert and non-expert users. Bringing the barrier to entry down, allowing people to finally ask the direct questions they care about in their own words, and bringing together all the amazing information being generated around the world. From news, social media, and maintenance reports to images from space, cameras in drones, and airplanes, to information generated by government analysts, etc. – All connected as one to help answer your questions. 

Assembling a Dream Team

We’ve grown to 14 employees –  a team we’re super proud of who joined us from companies like Google, Meta, Airbus, Maxar, Palantir, BCG, Qualcomm, and more.  People with solid backgrounds in GIS, Data Science, AI, ML, and SaaS – all ready to think differently.  

We’re fortunate to have advisors like Keith J. Masback, Trevor Hough, Phil Eichensehr, Jeff Crusey, Jordan Noone, and Philip Krim. Many have invested in us themselves. We have also landed funding from Humba Ventures with Leo Polovets, Tech Square and Blake Patton, Space.VC and Jonathan Lacoste, Raven One, Radius Capital and Peter Shannon, Luka Tomljenovic, and Overline along with Sean O’Brian and Michael Cohn – investors who share our philosophy and bring a deep knowledge of our space. 

Fun fact: our initial funding was supposed to close the day Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, with a lot of our investors’ money tied up there! It’s a little bit of a turbulent way to start a company, but needless to say, we’re happy with the timeline of how things ended up. 

Fast forward to today, and we are working with our customers to change how they use all these different types of information. The story of some of our early customers: In April 2023, Danti won the gSearch Challenge, which resulted in a follow-on contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which we still work closely with today. In October, the U.S. Space Force selected Danti for a $1.2M AI search contract in partnership with the NGA and AFWERX.

Martice and I met with the National Space Council at The White House a couple of weeks ago. During the meeting, we discussed how we support our U.S. Government customers in utilizing data generated from space, air, and the ground. We appreciated the opportunity, which underscored our strong relationships in Government.

The Story Behind ‘Danti’

We get asked a lot about where our name came from. We’re named after Ignazio Danti, a 16th-century Italian mathematician, astronomer, and geographer, whose most notable work includes the Vatican’s Gallery of Maps and his involvement in the mapping of the city of Florence, where he applied advanced surveying and mathematical techniques of his time to better understand the world around him. His maps required a meticulous organization of geographical information, and he often included indices, providing a systematic way to locate specific places. Most of all, he aided in the exploration of geographical areas – a goal shared by all of us here at Danti.

The Evolution of AI and Information Search

With the recent advancements in the AI space in the last few years, there’s a sea change in how machines can understand human language and its intent, build context across many forms of information, and so on. Additionally, the way we search for information is changing. So many notable companies are now challenging Google and how individuals worldwide search, find, and digest information. In 10 years, the amount of information available to people on the open internet and as easily searchable as websites will be incredible and unrecognizable from today. We hope to be a part of this future.  

We’re excited for the coming year!  If you’d like to learn more about how Danti can help search Earth’s information like never before in:

Defense & Intelligence
Civil Government
Critical Infrastructure
Property Investment

…please drop us a line.

If you’re interested in joining our team and helping us make the world’s data easier to understand and use, visit us here.

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